Hours of Theatre for Free

Well, that’s what kids provide, at all times of day. Constant drama. But how much better it is once you’ve got them outdoors, and it’s channelled into a bit of fun, rather than simply to annoy their siblings or get that extra treat. Coity Castle, Bridgend, provides the ideal venue for aspiring knights and princesses to work off that excess energy and stage those battles and rescues that usually take place in your living room, to maximum destructive effect. It’s open to the public with no entrance fees and is fairly safe for your offspring to explore with minimal supervision, as potentially hazardous areas are sealed off. For those escaping the city commute on the weekend, a walk across the moat into the vast expanse of common land beyond will lift your spirits and give you and your clan the space to roam, shed that urban fog and get those countryside endorphins flowing as you race up the hills.


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